Manufacturers and Farmers Journal and Providence and Pawtucket Advertiser – 1 Jul 1844


Mormon War. —The St. Louis New Era, of Saturday week, contains the following:

We have received a slip from Warsaw, Illinois, containing the proceedings of the citizens of that place in a meeting on the 12th. The preamble alludes to the violent destruction of the press of the Nauvoo Expositor, amid the threats made by the Mormons to destroy the press of the Warsaw Signal and to assassinate the editor. Among the resolutions adopted were the following:

“Resolved, That the public threat made in the council of the city, not only to destroy our printing press, but to take the life of the editor, is sufficient, in connection with the recent outrage, to command the efforts and the services of every good citizen, to put an immediate stop to the career of the mad Prophet and his domestic coadjutors. We must not only defend ourselves from danger, but we must resolutely carry the war into the enemy”s camp. We do therefore declare that we will sustain our press and the editor, at all hazards; that we will take full vengeance, terrible vengeance, should the lives of any of our citizens be lost in the effort; that we hold ourselves at all times in readiness to co operate with our fellow-citizens in this State, Missouri, and Iowa, to exterminate, utterly exterminate, the wicked and abominable Mormon leaders, the authors of our troubles.

” Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed forthwith to notify all persons in our township suspected of being the tools of the Prophet to leave immediately on pain of instant vengeance.

“Resolved, That the time, in our opinion, has arrived, when the adherents of Smith, as a body, should be driven from the surrounding settlements into Nauvoo. That the Prophet and his miscreant adherents should then be demanded at their hands, and if not surrendered, a war of extermination should be waged to the entire destruction, if necessary for our protection, of his adherents.

“Resolved, That every citizen arm himself, to be prepared to sustain the resolutions herein contained.”

LATEST NEWS—7 o”clock, P. M. — A gentleman directly from Nauvoo, informs us, that on Tuesday the city council passed an ordinance that if any officer or officers should attempt to arrest any person engaged in the destruction of the Expositor press, and lake him out of Nauvoo for trial, he should be imprisoned. We may therefore expect that the officers from Carthage, are in custody of the Mormons.

A mass meeting was called, to assemble in Carthage to day. The result, so soon as we receive it, will be issued in an extra. We expect to hear to-night.

The streets of Warsaw will be patrolled tonight in pursuance of the order made by the public meeting yesterday.

A family of suspected persons were to-day ordered to leave this place before to-morrow at 10, A. M., by a party of our citizens, a part of whom were armed. The excitement in the county is said to be tremendous, and on the increase.

A meeting was culled in St. Louis to lake into consideration the Mormon difficulties.

Additional to the above, we learn that the Captain of the Warsaw Cadets left for Quincy on Wednesday, to procure a stand of arms now at that city, which arms were to be placed in the hands of the citizens of Warsaw.

This looks quite warlike.

P. S. The St. Louis Republican of” the 17th contains the proceedings of a meeting at Carthage, Ill, on the 13th.

FRIDAY, June 14, 8 o”clock, P. M.—We are informed by a gentleman direct from Carthage that the citizens are ordered to assemble at their various places of rendezvous, on Wednesday next.

A gentleman from Nauvoo, who arrived in Carthage to-day, reports that about SOU persons, including nearly all Joe”s enemies in Nauvoo, have left the city, with their moveables—being in fear of their lives.

Preparations are making throughout the country, for the coming contest.

The Hibernian brings information to St. Louis that the people, who are rapidly concentrating for that purpose, would move to an attack upon Nauvoo on Wednesday nest. A patrol was kept at Warsaw, and all suspicious persons arrested.

[Manufacturers and Farmers Journal and Providence and Pawtucket Advertiser – 1 Jul 1844]