Nauvoo Neighbor – June 19, 1844

Note: William Law is accused by Hyrum Smith of two things: murder and adultery, using of all people as witness – J. H. Jackson, a known scoundrel who was out for Hyrum’s daughter. [transcript follows scan]

Nauvoo Neighbor 6-19-1844, page 2
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Nauvoo Neighbor – June 19, 1844, page 2.

“Councilor H. Smith, referred to J. H. Jackson”s coming to this city, & c. Mayor said, Wm. Law had offered Jackson, $500.00 to kill him.”

“That when sick, Wm. Law confessed to him that he had been ”guilty of adultery,” and ”was not fit to live,” and had ”sinned against his own soul,” &c.1


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