The Holy Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon 1858 J. O. Wright Edition


J.O. Wright & Company, New York, 1858

Published by James Wright and sometimes called the “Wright Edition” or “Pirated Edition” since it violated copyright. This is actually the second printing of this edition, with an added Introduction by Zadok Brook (Z. Brook). So this one is sometimes called the “Brooks Edition.”



“The present edition of The Book of Mormon is an accurate reprint of the third American edition, originally published at Nauvoo, 18 years ago, under the official sanction of the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ. The apostasy of the great body of the church, through the influence of false teachers, who privily brought into the church damnable heresies, even denying the Lord, that brought them; together with the fact that they have for a long time suppressed the book, on account of its pointed condemnation of their practices, has appeared to the publisher as a sufficient reason for reissuing it; so that the many firm believers of the book that are scattered throughout the land earnestly desire in the spread of truth, may have an opportunity to avail themselves of its precious truths, can put into their own and their neighbors possession the real weapon with which to put down polygamy and its kindred institutions” (p.8).

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine

1830 Edition