This site is the humble effort by Arlin Ewald Nusbaum to bring justice to the two men who brought down Joseph and Hyrum Smith, putting an end to their lies that they did not practice polygamy (and other areas of deception).

From time to time, God will send prophets to warn, inspire, prophesy, etc., to a particular group of people, be it of a specific religious persuasion or geographical location. Such is the case with Arlin being sent at this time to testify of the errors of Mormonism and its founders—especially Joseph and his brother Hyrum (the silent controlling one).

Until now (2002 –> April of 2020), Arlin had not published his testimonies regarding such matters on any of his websites, only in his book series Spiritual Journeys – Volumes 1-3 available at www.zarahemlabookstore.com and other booksellers (paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBook).

Arlin, in his own words:

I was a faithful Mormon before resigning at the age of 32 (26 years ago) and was a 7th generation Mormon; my grandfatherx5 David White Rogers was the first convert in New York City by Parley P. Pratt and Elijah Fordham. My wife and I loved the church and resigned because the Church was not following The Holy Book of Mormon (they are still baptizing children—”for sin”).

The full account of my history in the Mormon Church is in the title The Mormon History, Writings, and Testimonies of Arlin E. Nusbaum.

I am one of the few individuals who, after leaving the Church, did not seek to start my own, nor did I fall into the trap of polygamy, priesthood authority, moving to Independence, etc. I have quietly been disseminating truth as I have been led, via my books and websites (www.zarahemla.info is a good starting place).

What I may have in common with some was a visit by Joseph Smith, Jr. He did try to sway me away from The Holy Book of Mormon and deeper into his false teachings, which included his heinous falsehood on polygamy, etc. It was only after passing the test of not being deceived by Joseph that true messengers came from God to fill me in on Joseph’s other false teachings.

Jesus is enough for me; so I don’t claim any priesthood authority or deep doctrine; nor do I seek a following of any kind—I never have.

My purpose is to disseminate truth, bring clarity, and separate The Holy Book of Mormon from the Mormon Church, just like The Holy Bible had to be separated from the Roman Church. Even though Mormons read THBOM regularly, they filter what they read through the lenses of Church leaders.

God knew 2400 years before it happened that Joseph would sin and lose the 116 pages and had a back-up plan ready. God also knew that this same Joseph would continue to sin, leading believers in THBOM into doctrines not supported (e.g., polygamy for exaltation, child baptism—for sin, man appointed prophets, temple ordinances after Jesus, etc.), and God has another back-up plan—me.

I offered the first non-denominational edition of THBOM (see bookmormon.com, 2005), and the first non-Mormon website in favor of THBOM (see Book of Mormon Christian) in 2004 with subsequent websites exposing the errors of Mormonism in light of the truths of THBOM (joseph-smith.net (2002), bookofmormonchurch.com (2007), whitmercollege.com (2009), reformedmormonism.com (2010), bookofmormontest.com (2011), william-law.org (2011), themormonreformation.com (2017), and other important though not directly related to doctrine:  bookofmormongeography.org (2007), and landofpromise.us (2012).

With the following books: Christian Guide: The Book of Mormon (2016), The Five Errors of Mormonism (2016), True Points of Doctrine (2017), PPR – The Preaching, Prophecies, and Revelations of The Book of Mormon (2017), Jacob: A Book of Mormon Primer for the Non-Religious (2017), The Nephite Dynasty: The Beginning of Priestcraft and Downfall of Book of Mormon People (2017), Temple Gap – Mormon Trap (2018), plus eight different editions of THBOM including Spanish and Hebrew.


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